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Keeping motivated for your winter workout.


Well, we’re now in July and it’s so hard getting out of bed in the morning. Especially when its warm and cosy under the blankets and absolutely freezing outside. This is a very challenging roadblock to overcome when you’re trying to achieve your fitness goals. But with a few strategies in place you can clear your path, have a productive workout and move on with your day.

Here are our top tips;

  1. Music. Its no surprise that music plays such a huge roll in helping to set the mood for you to wake up and get moving. Not only is sound one fifth of your main group of senses (sight, sound, taste, smell and touch) but music also helps to regulate your breathing, blood pressure and heart rate. When you have your wireless headphones on, listening to music you like it makes your body release feel good chemicals. Which can inspire you to take on the world!
  2. Get the recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. It will not only restore your body from the previous day but will take away your excuse of being too tired to get up and go for that morning run.
  3. Too cold outside the blankets? If you can, why not set a timer on your heating system for just before you wake. This way the difference in temperature between the rest of your house and your bed wont seem so big and you will have crossed another excuse off your list.
  4. Keeping your routine fresh. Following the same pattern every day can quickly take away any enthusiasm for keeping up with your body’s fitness needs. You need to create your own drive, so why not try something different to keep things fresh? Attend a yoga class, go to your local indoor swimming pool or if its just too wet and windy to go for that run do exercises in your living room instead. As Bruce Lee said “ Running water never grows stale. So you just have to keep on flowing.”
  5. Get yourself an accountabili-buddy! You’re less likely to stay in bed if you have a responsibility to help someone other than yourself. Make plans to work out together, check on each other’s progress and keep yourselves motivated to keep going – as a team!

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